To calculate the approximate size air conditioner right for your space, use the following formula: multiply your room length by width and choose the AC with the corresponding result. If you don’t like math-simply reference our AC Product List Page which can help you decide.

We want to make sure you stay comfortable throughout the summer, and in New England’s climate that can be tricky! This is why our standard rental lasts until October 31st (USA) or September 15th (CDN).

We offer a Weekly Rate so you can get the unit you want, when you want it and for as long as you want. The only requirement we have is that you must keep the unit for a minimum of one month. After that, you can return is anytime you want (before the end of the Rental Agreement) (Only applies to the Canadian market)

One of our amazing AC Specialists will be in contact with you to give you a specific time and date in the range you selected. Next, our professional installers will arrive and install your unit(s) in your window(s) of choice. Then, you are all set to cool down and enjoy the summer!

Danby air conditioners are known for quality and reliability. In the case something does happen or your unit stops working, don’t sweat it! Our installers will come and replace your air conditioning unit. In order to set that up, give our AC Specialists a call at (USA) 1-800- 637-7567 or (CDN) 1-855- 269-5424

We’d love to help! Please reference our AC Products List Page for those who own an AC but may need us for the heavy lifting. Just choose that option and we’ll take care of it for you.
(Applicable to US market only)

If you’re interested in renting or purchasing several units- contact our AC Specialist for orders containing 5 or more units. He may be able to get you a COOL price! You can reach him at 1-800- 637-7567 ext. 2622 (USA) or 1-855- 269-5424 (CDN)

We’ll let you keep it…for a CHILL price. Just give us a call and we’ll let you know about our End-of-Summer purchase options.

Your AC will arrive within 3-5 business days. One of our AC Specialists will be in touch with the exact day and time shortly after you place your order.

Need it sooner? We’d be happy to work with you for a one-time fee of $75. (Applicable to US market only)

We're happy to reschedule or cancel appointments with at least 1 business day notice of the scheduled appointment, free of charge. Appointments that are rescheduled or cancelled within 1 business day are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. If we are unable to reach you at the time of your appointment, you will be charged a no-show fee of $75.

Call our cool AC Specialist at 1-800-637-7567 (USA) or 1-855-269-5424 (CDN)

Danby has over 70 years of experience in the appliance industry and offers exemplary customer service specialists to assist you with your COOL requests.